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Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting

System Specification

Elder & Paton Perth provide finishing to customer specifications or commercial systems. We also develop and tailor specifications in-house to meet customer requirements.


Elder & Paton Industrial spray painting process a wide range of part sizes, from small shelve brackets up to large assemblies for armoured vehicles.


Our substantial in-house knowledge and experience within the surface coatings industry enables us to design solutions to meet customer requirements on a wide variety of substrates.


Preparation services offered include dis-assembly, shot blasting, fettling, finishing, polishing, masking and, if required, stripping of existing paint and powder finishes.

Substantial volumes processed via automatic plant With Three booths with ovens offering a wide range of parameters in terms of temperature control and work dimensions Powder Coating wide range of powder coating systems covering all available colours and types of finish substantial volume.

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